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Company Social Gatherings

Corporate team-building events, social workdays, company picnics, co-worker happy hours are an essential part of building a connected company culture.

Having a break from the office and providing a relaxed environment for your employees to interact with each other is important for employee engagement and productivity. Amanzi Events can set the stage for any successful employee events.

  • Happy Hours
    Finding a unique location, neighborhood galleries to hidden rooftops we can design a space that allows your group to unwind and connect. Your guests will enjoy great food, friendly service, positive vibes and lots of laughs.
  • Team Dinners
    Dinners can be a great way to share camaraderie, friendship and build a relationship outside the confines of the office. We can organize a dinner venue and menu to meet the needs of your team.
  • Team Building
    The process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team. We will produce creative solutions to provide an environment That inspires teamwork and connection. Your team will walk away feeling closer and ready to be productive.
  • Team Training/Planning Sessions
    Need a new space for your team to meet for training or put together the plans for the upcoming quarter or maybe the next big project. Amanzi Events works to source the right working environment that allows you to work as a team, be productive and have access to additional resources. 
  • Holiday Parties
    If you are looking to put on a winter holiday party without all the work and fuss? Let us navigate finding all the vendors and resources you need for your Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, or another holiday party.
  • Community Service Projects
    Employee volunteering can be a challenge  to organize, as it’s heavily dependent on company size and scheduling. But ultimately, volunteering can have huge benefits for company culture, as it gives your employees an opportunity to build bonds while giving back to their community.
  • Incentive Experiences/ Excursions
    When trying to boost morale and motivate a team planning special experiences once they have reached their goal is a great way to go. We can Put together reward trips or local tours and excursions to keep your team working towards their goal.
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Company Picnics

Let us create an engaging day to bring your employees together. No group is too small or too big. We will get to know you and your business so we can tailor your event specifically to you.

Employee appreciation events need exciting and fun company picnic ideas for adults. And family-friendly events need a good balance of activities for both the young and old.

Finding the perfect location

  • Onsite- Is often a great option for Company Picnics, we can transform your office or company campus into a fun and relaxing familiar space.
  • Offsite- The Austin area has countless venues to meet the needs of any organization. We’ll bring you a range of fantastic locations to guarantee your day is fun-filled and memorable. 

Deciding on a theme
We have a long list of both traditional and unique ideas to fit your company personality and culture. As we move through the planning process we will help you choose a theme that best fits your group. 

  • Western/ Rodo
  • Luau
  • Team Building
  • Beach Party
  • Carnival/ Circus
  • Safari Petting Zoo
  • Fall/ Harvest
  • Outdoor Theater
  • Americana

Company Picnic Menu
Creating a Menu to compliment your location and theme will bring it all together. We will coordinate with local vendors to make sure your Company Picnic is both delicious and easy. 

  • Full- Service Catering
  • Themed Buffets
  • Traditional Cookout
  • Beverage Bars
  • Novelty and Fun Foods
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Marketing Events

Are you new to a market and want to introduce your company or does your company have a long standing presence in your industry? 

Let us create an event that will make your brand shine. Marketing events aim to increase brand awareness by giving your company a way to be seen and have a voice.

  • Branding Experiences
    Capturing the essence of your brand with color, messaging and services. We will tell a story and create an experience that speaks to your customers.
  • Sales Enablement
    Connecting your salesforce with buyers is key to the success of your company. We want to design an event that your sales team is begging for. Whether your focus is B2B or direct to consumers creating an environment that allows easy and efficient engagement with customers gets your company the sales it needs.
  • Activations
    As a business owner or sales and marketing team leader you are always looking to reach your target audience in meaningful ways. Let’s create an interactive experience that will ensure your brand messaging connects with consumers.
  • Product Launches
    Do you have a new product or service? Amanzi Events will help you spot light your new product/ service with a unique event that will get your consumers attention. From large scale with a bigger event venue, catering/full bar service, entertainment, and branded promotional materials and your company logo plastered everywhere. To smaller, more intimate VIP/ Influencer events that will give your services and brand a microphone to larger audiences.
  • Mobile Campaigns
    Let Amanzi Events take your event on the road. We can customize a pop-up event to be mobile and versatile, events can take place one at a time or simultaneously in multiple locations. Custom built displays, promotional materials and staffing are key to making sure your product is properly showcased.
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South by SouthWest is the annually held music, film and emerging technology festival in Austin,Texas. Each March the creative industry puts their talent and art on display all over downtown Austin. 

Marketing at SXSW is a great way to get your brand in front of a wide ranging and powerful customer base. We are full-service event planners that can coordinate every aspect of your SXSW Event.

From venue sourcing, permitting, design and build custom attractions to lodging and team support , let Amanzi Events navigate all of the various elements required to execute a successful; SXSW Event. 

  • Sponsorships
  • Exhibitions
  • Specialized Campaigns
  • Provide highly visible branded items or experiences
  • Host Festival Parties
  • Lounges
  • Meetups
  • Receptions
  • Private Events
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Destination Management

Understanding the local and cultural norms of your destination event is key to a well planned and smoothly executed event. We can coordinate all of the details and logistics for your desired destination. 

We provide venues, caterers, transportations services, hotels, entertainment, tours and excursions, local food and most efficient travel routes.

Let Amanzi Events Coordinate:

  • Look and Feel 
  • Sites and Surrounding to be seen
  • Exploring and taking advantage of the new location
  • Collaborative Team activities
  • Onsite Entertainment
  • Hotels and Transportation
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A gala could be a formal, regal event, this might mean a black-tie dress code, catered dinner, live band, and speeches or presentations on the guest (or cause) of honor. Or a gala might be a casual social outing or festival with a large guest list. Either way, gala events can really boost your brand reputation, especially if it’s a corporate function designed to impress potential investors, donors, or high-end clients.

  • Design and Decor 
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Catering and Menu Selection
  • Invitations and Event Flyers
  • Entertainment
  • Sponsorship
  • Gifts/ Prizes/ Goodie Bags
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Grand Openings and Ribbon Cutting

Your grand opening, open house and ribbon cutting ceremony can be as easy as opening your front door. Amanzi Events will help you or your staff from being overwhelmed by something you should be celebrating! All new businesses want to leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

  • Staging and lighting 
  • Event Invites
  • Live entertainment
  • On-site catering and bar service  
  • Branded Giveaways

Amanzi event production covers all of the details for your Grand Opening needs.

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Sales Events and Kickoff Parties

Getting to know you and your business Amanzi Events will put your company’s culture at the center of the planning process. Sales Events and Kickoff Parties set the stage and build the right energy for any project just getting started or even renewing attention to a priority product. 

  • Event Design and Production
  • Food & Beverage Catering
  • Venue Scouting & Negotiations
  • Valet & Parking Management
  • Arrival & Departure Management
  • Event Registration
  • Digital RSVPs & Event Webpages
  • Event Marketing & Branding Services
  • Event Security
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Meetings & Conferences

Meetings are an important part of the corporate world. Do you hold your meeting right at the office, or do you host your meeting offsite? There can be many benefits of offsite meetings? When planned thoughtfully, offsite meetings set the stage physically, intellectually and emotionally, allowing you to get the most out of your time.

  • Venue Scouting & Negotiations
  • Food & Beverage Catering
  • Event Design
  • Lighting
  • Audio Visual
  • Multi-Media Installations
  • Electrical & Power Management
  • Event Registration

Amanzi Events can help you inspire creativity, improve Connections, put goals in focus and show employee appreciation with your next offsite meeting or conference.

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Expos/ Trade Shows

Attending industry conferences and expos are an important way for your business to network, build relationships and reputations. There are several elements that need to be efficiently coordinated and executed for industry events.

  • Floor Plan
  • Booth/ Exhibit Space Planning
  • Custom Exhibits
  • Furniture Rentals
  • Booth Staff
  • Logistics
  • Graphics and Design

Amanzi Events can provide and manage a unique turnkey trade show booth or exhibit to make your business stand out within your industry. 

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VIP Meetings/ Experiences

Sometimes you have a smaller group of people or individuals that require more focus and a higher level of service. Whether attending industry events or planning offsite meetings and excursions, Amanzi Events will manage every detail to ensure your guests know they are highly valued by you and your company. 

Private quiet working spaces for business calls or necessary meetings.

  • VIP Meet and Greets 
  • VIP Concierges 
  • Organize VIP Happy Hours or Dinners
  • Provide exclusive event gifts of  amenity services.
  • Attend local music or sporting events.
  • VIP Transportation services.

Let us tailor an experience that will meet the needs of any special business circumstances.

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Festivals / Music and Live Entertainment

Live entertainment events can bring large groups of consumers, guests, and vendors together. These types of events require front and back of the house organization and management. Amanzi events will help you set your goals for your events and keep all of the details on track.

  • Entertainment lineup
  • Talent booking
  • Budget Management
  • Permitting
  • Event Registration
  • Onsite Staffing Management
  • Event Scheduling
  • Venue Scouting & Negotiations
  • Valet & Parking Management

From music, food & wine to special community interests we can pull together your festival ideas. 

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Races / Fitness Events

Friendly competition is great for bringing everyone together in the name of a good cause — whether it’s charity, team bonding, or simply the competition itself. Sporting and fitness events are full of unique considerations and tricky logistics. Amanzi Events can organize your team building 5K, celebrity charity golf event or the community kickball tournament. 

Let us coordinate:

  • Referees
  • Matching shirts or uniforms
  • Concessions
  • Sports equipment
  • Prizes & Awards
  • Sports venues
  • Porta-potties
  • ATMs
  • Signage
  • Staffing
  • Security & safety, photographers 
  • Event announcer
  • Sound systems.

 We will have every aspect of your next sporting event covered.

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Educational Events

Planning a conference, summit or symposium can provide productive learning environments for your industry, company or team. Let Amanzi Events bring together speakers, workshops, networking sessions, high-level professionals and field experts to create the ideal Educational Event.

  • Venue Scouting & Negotiations
  • Event Registration
  • Timeline Development and Coordination
  • Hotels and Transportation
  • Receptions
  • Graphic Design
  • Breakout secessions 
  • Audio Visual
  • Multi-Media Installations
  • Electrical & Power Management
  • Food & Beverage Catering

We are looking forward to bringing your professional development to the next level.

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Collaborative Services

Are you an agency or service provider outside of Austin, TX working for a client in Austin? Let us be your eyes, ears and boots on the ground. Amanzi Events is your reliable source of local information and logistics support. We will help you coordinate any of your onsite event needs here in Austin, TX.

  • Venue Site visits
  • Local Transportation
  • Onsite Event Management
  • Local Staffing
  • Rentals
  • Local resources consulting

Working together we can make sure all of your clients’ event needs are met and your event production runs smoothly.

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Event Sustainability

Need your event to be cost-effective, sustainable and still have personality? Amanzi events can provide sustainable event options allowing your event to have all of its intended impact and minimize the unintended imprint left behind on the environment. 

We will work with your event goals to set a sustainability policy that will help guide our eco-conscious event planning. Clarifying and prioritizing our intentions so we can achieve our desired returns through a variety of best practices. 

  • E-ticketing/ paperless communication
  • Organic Meal plans
  • Avoiding Food Waste with Homeless/ Shelter initiatives 
  • Composting Options
  • Recyclable or Reusable Dinnerware
  • Shuttle Services/ Hybrid Transportation 
  • Solar Powered Charging stations
  • LED Lighting Options
  • Recycled Signage
  • Volunteer programs
  • Sponsored Fair Trade Coffee Breaks